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Diversity and Emotional Connection with the Musical If/Then

This post is part review, part personal commentary. I turned 32 yesterday, and my gift from my husband’s parents was a ticket to see If/Then at SHN Orpheum in San Francisco. I really enjoyed it, and it brought up a lot of reflection and thoughts for me, so I wanted to share some of them … Continue reading »

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Christmas Vacation 2009-10, part 2 – Nottingham, Cardiff, Oxford, London, and Munich

We arrived in Nottingham in the late afternoon of December 21st to spend Christmas with Jeremy’s family. Jeremy’s brother, Matt, moved to Nottingham with his family a couple of years ago to study a PhD in Theology, and his sister, Annie, and her family decided to trek over for a year at the beginning of … Continue reading »

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RTW 2007 installment #12 (Nov 28-Nov 29)

Wednesday 28th November I forgot to mention in the past two days that we encountered two film crews. on Monday, it was at a restaurant on 59th Street, across from Central Park, and yesterday it was in Central Park, on our way to the Alice in Wonderland statue. We have no idea what they were … Continue reading »

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Gary’s Place selected for Dramafest

Arena had it’s final Dramafest meeting on Sunday night and it was decided that Gary’s Place, the play Ellen and I wrote, would be performed, with Jeremy (my husband) to direct. Arena will also be submitting another play, but Gary’s Place excites me most, as it’s the first time I’ve written something and given it … Continue reading »

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Burning the Midnight Oil

As mentioned in my previous post, I have recently been working on a one-act play with a friend. Given how far apart Ellen and I live, we only had two sessions working on the script together. Last Tuesday we met and talked about the ideas for the script, and ended up with a plot. I … Continue reading »

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