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A Rare Commentary from Me About Vitriol Directed Toward Muslims

When terrorist attacks occur in Western countries, Westerners can be quick to respond with vitriol and hatred directed at Muslims, whether or not the attack has yet been confirmed carried out by people who identify as Muslim. I don’t know what it was like before September 11, 2001, because I was only 17 then, and … Continue reading »

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Why I Think (Lack of) Racial Diversity in Media is a Global Issue

If this is the first time you’re reading me, let me first share with you the basics of where my perspective comes from. I’m a white Australian woman who has lived in Malaysia since November 2008. I travel a lot, and I consume media. Film and TV have been my preferred mediums, but I also … Continue reading »

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Learning about Racism in Australia

Disclaimer: My education experiences are not necessarily representative of Australia as a whole, or even what things might be like now. I went to high school between 1996-2000, with a predominantly white population. That’s the background I’ll be referencing. When I last wrote about some race related issues, a friend of mine commented to me … Continue reading »

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Race in Media and Diversity in Children’s Television

As a mother of two young children (aged two and six), a lot of the television I encounter these days tends to appear on Disney Junior — which I watch on Malaysia’s PayTV network, Astro. I imagine there is an equivalent in most countries, considering there was a special Playhouse Disney (what Disney Junior used … Continue reading »

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