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A Challenge to Rethink Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball Video

I’ve had problems with YouTube playing the complete Wrecking Ball video for me, so I read a lot of commentary about it before I ever got to watch it. I read Sinead O’Connor’s letter to Miley, and Amanda Palmer’s response. I read a whole lot of people talking about the sexual component of the video, … Continue reading »

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Trip to Cambodia, October 2010

12 Oct 2010 An early 7am flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia meant that we had to be up far too early in the morning. The biggest disappointment of waking up at 3:30am was that Leo (my 7 week old baby) still didn’t ask to be fed until after 5am. He could possibly have slept through … Continue reading »

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A Big Move

I’ve been holding off posting anything new because I didn’t update about the latter part of my trip across Australia, and wanted to. I think I shall have to just write a summary of the last couple of months instead, for those not already in the know. After Adelaide, we drove on to Melbourne, where … Continue reading »

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The Greatest Flaw of Globalisation

One of things that I’ve noticed a lot when travelling the world is how cultural globalisation has affected each country. I imagine that one of the most fascinating aspects of travelling the world in the past would have been the ability to really catch not just a glimpse but an experience of each locality’s culture. … Continue reading »

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