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My Filmmaking Present and Future

Posted by on September 2, 2007

I’ve been fairly busy in the last few weeks where my filmmaking is concerned. I’ve one week left of my PAC Screenworkshop 2 – Emotion Recall class, and have already screened my group’s film, Between Friends.

Last week I also finally finished mastering my Journey and other short films DVD, including the DVD cover. The DVD includes Journey, A Straight Answer, Barren, Dead and Therapy – it does not include my latest two short films, Present Vision and Between Friends. It does have a range of special features associated with Journey and stand up comedy, including the screen tests of my actors. If anyone would be interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD for $10 + P&H, leave a comment here or send me an e-mails. All profit will go towards a future production.

Speaking of future productions, I’ve been thinking about what I might like to do next, as a kind of unique or almost-unique idea, which would also help my future creative juices flow. I’m interested in starting a sort of choose-your-own-adventure type Internet serial. So I’ve made up a poll in order to see who might be interested in watching and voting on what happens. It’ll be all about the interactivity, and if I go ahead with it, the first thing to vote on will be in the pre-production stage, where you’ll even get to decide what characters and location you would like to see. If I get at least 5 “yes” votes in the following poll, I will likely go ahead.

Would you be interested in watching an Internet serial where you get to vote about what happens each episode?

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Dominica has a strong interest in exploring diversity in media, seeing people subverting corporate control of creativity through crowdfunding and indie publishing, and spending as much time as she can travelling the world and discovering culture. This is what she most regularly blogs about. In her spare time, Dominica is primarily focused on long-form improv theatre, and writing and publishing speculative fiction. You can find links to some of her free and published stories and screenplays on her writing page, or check out her pirate time-travel novel Adrift. Though born and raised in Australia to American parents, Dominica lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 2008-2014, until she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. She also has a background in web programming, filmmaking, and stand-up comedy. For more information, check out her about page, or any of the specific pages about her various creative pursuits in the links at the top of the page.

One Response to My Filmmaking Present and Future

  1. John Wilson

    Dear Jeremy,

    You have put together a staggering website, showcasing vast talents. You have an ability to communicate far beyond that ordinary men. You talk of your short film-making. Would you be interested in doing a short film/DVD on “TRIAL BY JURY IS DEMOCRACY”? These are the words on a T-shirt for which a NSW Supreme Court Judge (Michael Adams) imprisoned John Bauskis for 14 days. An Indictment was filed against Adams for denying John his right to trial by jury and another Judge (Johnson) arbitrarily dismissed the Indictment, inspite of strong protests that it had to be heard by a Jury. Judges claim they are above the law. An Application for Leave to Appeal is set for 24 September 2007 when it is expected that still more Judges will arbitrarily dismiss the Application.

    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.
    331 North Rocks Road,
    North Rocks, NSW 2151.
    tel: (02) 9872 1661.

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