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Jaclyn Rousseau in Port Dickson

Posted by on May 6, 2013

Jaclyn Rousseau on a cliff in Port DicksonThis past weekend, I headed down to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan with my family. I’d not been before and it’s one of the nearest beach locations to Kuala Lumpur. It takes about 90 minutes to get there.

My purpose for travelling to Port Dickson was, primarily, because I wanted to take some new photos of my pirate character, Jaclyn Rousseau. Specifically, though I liked the beach photos I had taken in Kuantan last year, none of them really felt appropriate for my novel cover. See, I have shared various ideas for my cover with my friends on Facebook, but though some people loved the idea of me being on the cover of my novel as my protagonist, I ideally wanted to be able to dampen the criticisms from people who didn’t think it was that appropriate for my face to be seen.

I’m not revealing the pictures I’ll be choosing from for the cover today, but I did have a number of other photos taken. I thought I’d share some of them here on my blog.

Jaclyn Rousseau on the beach in Port DicksonJaclyn Rousseau on the beach at sunset in Port DicksonJaclyn Rousseau on the beach in Port DicksonWhen we first got to the beach at our hotel, the tide was in, and it didn’t look like a great location to shoot. Most of the sand was red, which I wasn’t very impressed with. However, close to sunset, I headed back to the beach and noticed that the tide was out. It looked much better then, so I rushed up to our room to change into my easiest costume to get into. I’ve only worn this particular outfit for one photo shoot in the past. Then I grabbed all my accessories – sword, flintlock, compass, and a necklace I describe in the novel, and headed back to the beach. We got some great photos with the sunset.

The following day, before checking out of the hotel, I dressed up in my usual Jaclyn outfit, but I left my accessories behind. We drove up to the area where we could find the lighthouse, and got some photos from the cliff, overlooking the Straits of Malacca. From there, we drove to another beach I had seen the day before that had white sand and palm trees, that seemed like another great location.

Which location did I decide to use for the book cover? That will just have to wait for another post, on another day.

View the rest of the album on Facebook.

I have a lot of fun with these photo shoots. If there are any settings you’d like to see me try to capture with Jaclyn, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you. And, if you want to follow along with photo updates, it would be awesome if you liked Jaclyn Rousseau on Facebook. Feel free to also share this post or my Jaclyn pictures with any of your friends you think might like them.

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Dominica has a strong interest in exploring diversity in media, seeing people subverting corporate control of creativity through crowdfunding and indie publishing, and spending as much time as she can travelling the world and discovering culture. This is what she most regularly blogs about. In her spare time, Dominica is primarily focused on long-form improv theatre, and writing and publishing speculative fiction. You can find links to some of her free and published stories and screenplays on her writing page, or check out her pirate time-travel novel Adrift. Though born and raised in Australia to American parents, Dominica lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 2008-2014, until she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. She also has a background in web programming, filmmaking, and stand-up comedy. For more information, check out her about page, or any of the specific pages about her various creative pursuits in the links at the top of the page.

3 Responses to Jaclyn Rousseau in Port Dickson

  1. Jeremy Malcolm

    Thank you to my loving husband for taking the photos.

    • Dominica Malcolm

      Thank you, Jeremy. You know I’m very forgetful when it comes to thanking you. I’m very lucky that you love me anyway!

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