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Dominica Malcolm headshotStats
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 128lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue

Dress: 2-4
Pants: 2-4
Shoe: 7.5
Bust: 37″
Cup Size: C
Waist: 27″
Hip: 37″


Go Your Own Way (short) Lead Michelle Munyer
Chatroom 03 (short) Supporting Tove Krabo
India’s Son Featured Nishant Tanwar
Sungazers Featured Dave Moutray


YUM! Ensemble Leela/Christopher DeJong
LiGhtBrighT Ensemble Diana Brown/Michele Salami
So You Want a Job Host/Ensemble Dominica Malcolm


Gary’s Place Suzie (Lead) Jeremy Malcolm
Santa’s Space Christmas Bompsadaisy (Supporting) Simon James


Advanced Film Acting (5 months) Jeffrey Weissman
Acting in Films SF Acting Academy/Michael Navarra
Private on-screen acting coaching The Actor’s Studio/Cassandra Chamberlain
Intro to Voice Overs SF Acting Academy/Laurie Burke
Private Meisner coaching Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory/Rachael Adler
PAC Screen Workshop 1 (acting) Perth Actors Collective/Annie Murtagh-Monks (Australia)


Two Play Improv (16 months) Improv w/ Marcus Sams
Improv V – Follow the Fear Leela/Marcus Sams
Improv IV – Top of Your Intelligence Leela/Joe Liss
Improv III – Commitment to Craft Leela/Doug Kassel
Improv II – Authentic Relationships Leela/Wylie Herman
Improv I – Let’s Play Leela/Jill Eickmann
Drop-in improv classes Rachel Hamilton Improv/Rachel Hamilton
Leela/Jill Eickmann, Marcus Sams, Sarah Shoemaker, Wylie Herman, Diana Brown, Nicole Odell, Ally Stinchfield
Improv workshops Embracing Your Power with Joe Bill (Chicago)
Up Closer & Personal with Eric and Aden Nepom (Portland)
Louder than Words with Garrick Paikai and R Kevin Doyle (Hawaii)
Improvising Songs in Concert with Sean TC O’Malley & R Kevin Doyle (Hawaii)
Burn Your Fear with Philip Markle
The Dummy Workshop with Colleen Doyle and Jason Shotts (LA)
Improv as Heightened Acting with Jonathan Pitts (Chicago)
Kiss or Kill with Kaci Beeler (Austin)
Curing Ambiguity with Susan Messing (Annoyance Chicago)
Hate the World and Love Each Other with Joey Shope
World Creation (part 1) with Marcus Sams
Protecting the Freak with Susan Messing
Fall in Love (with) This Very Moment with Kat Brown & Amy Lisewski (San Diego)
Character Intensive with Marcus Sams
Long Form Inspiration with Frank Caeti (Second City)
Fueling a Scene with Bob Dassie (UCB/iO West)
Start Simple, Play Strong, Have Fun with Jason Pardo (iO West)
Trust Your Instincts with Karen Graci (iO West)
Emotion Recall with Sunita Deshpande (New York)
Villainy: Being Bad On Stage with Kaci Beeler & Valerie Ward (Austin)
Expert Callbacks with Adal Rifai (iO Chicago)
Improv Sunday School – Improv Gym with Marcus Sams
AIIA – Artificially Intelligent : Improvholics Anonymous (Malaysia)
John Knowles, Murray Fahey, David Callan (Australia)
Red Nose Mask 2-day workshop Paola Coletto
Comedy Bootcamp Comedy Club Asia & Comedy Club KL/Jonathan Atherton, Mary Burke, Simon Clayton, Papa CJ
Naked Comedy workshop Deanna Fleysher


Various accents including Australian (notice voice), English, Scottish, Irish, American, Valley Girl
Stand-up (performed in Malaysia, Australia)
Video games (PlayStation 3, Wii, N64, SNES)


In October 2014, I started improv training with Leela in San Francisco. I auditioned to be part of one of their troupes in March 2015, and have been part of YUM! since then, which is directed by Christopher DeJong. Guest directors have included Sarah Shoemaker, Nicole Odell, Diana Brown, Jill Eickmann, Joe Liss, and Marilet Martinez. I also improvise with an LGBT troupe I helped form, performing with Casey Trujillo, Able Christian, Dillon Thomas, and Steven Burnett, and directed by Diana Brown (previously Michele Salami). In 2017, I debuted an original improv format I developed called So You Want a Job, a reality TV style job interview and narrative show, inspired in part by Donald Trump (it debuted on Inauguration Day).

Over the years, I’ve also taken various improv workshops in Australia, Malaysia, Seattle, Honolulu, and San Francisco. I was invited as an individual to perform in a once off mash up show at Improvaganza, the Hawaii Festival of Improv, and as part of YUM!, have performed at the Antelope Valley Improv Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, and the Hollywood Improv Festival.

Acting experience includes playing the lead female in the one-act play I co-wrote with Ellen Jurik, Gary’s Place, and starring in Michelle Munyer’s short film, Go Your Own Way.

Full Improv Shows

YUM! – April 15, 2017
So You Want a Job – April 14, 2017
YUM! covers The Professionals – April 1, 2017
YUM! – March 25, 2017
YUM! – March 24, 2017
So You Want a Job – March 24, 2017
YUM! – March 4, 2017
Stylized – February 19, 2017 (a mash up group for Seattle Festival of Improv Theater’s Dust Up; not filmed)
YUM! – February 11, 2017
YUM! – January 27, 2017 (Hollywood Improv Festival; not filmed)
YUM! – January 21, 2017
So You Want a Job – January 20, 2017
YUM! – January 19, 2017 (SF Sketchfest; not filmed)
LiGht BrighT – January 14, 2017
YUM! – January 13, 2017 (SF Sketchfest; not filmed)
YUM! – January 8, 2017
LiGht BrighT – December 10, 2016 (not filmed)
YUM! – December 10, 2016 (not filmed)
YUM! – November 19, 2016
LiGht BrighT – November 19, 2016
YUM! – November 13, 2016 (Antelope Valley Improv Comedy Festival; not filmed)
YUM! – November 12, 2016 (Antelope Valley Improv Comedy Festival; not filmed)
YUM! – October 29, 2016
YUM! – October 4, 2016 (not filmed)
Family Reunion – September 24, 2016 (once off performance at Hawaii Festival of Improv; not filmed)
YUM! – August 20, 2016 (not online)
YUM! – August 13, 2016 (not online)
LiGht BrighT – August 13, 2016
YUM! – August 6, 2016
YUM! – July 23, 2016
Gradmando – July 16, 2016 (not online)
YUM! – June 18, 2016
YUM! – June 4, 2016
YUM! – May 14, 2016
YUM! – April 23, 2016
YUM! – March 19, 2016 (not online)
YUM! – March 12, 2016 (not online)
YUM! – February 21, 2016 (not online)
YUM! – February 20, 2016
YUM! – January 30, 2016 (not online)
YUM! – December 19, 2015
YUM! – November 21, 2015
LiGht BrighT – November 7, 2015 (not online)
YUM! – October 24, 2015
YUM! – September 26, 2015 (not online)
YUM! – August 15, 2015
LiGht BrighT – August 8, 2015
YUM! – July 25, 2015
YUM! – June 27, 2015 (not online)
YUM! – June 13, 2015
YUM! – May 23, 2015