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Crowdfunding Fantasy Noir!

Posted by on March 14, 2013

My friend and fellow writer Jax Goss just launched a crowdfunding campaign for the first book to be released by Solarwyrm Press.

I’m going to tell you a bit about it now, or you can jump ahead and check it out on Indiegogo.

This is a project that’s been in the works for about a year. Jax had written a story in the fantasy noir genre, and then decided she wanted to put together an anthology of stories that could also be classified as such. She put out a call for submissions, and then selected 10 of them to publish in the book.

I can’t tell you about all of the writers she selected, but I can tell you about some of them, as some of them I count amongst my favourites to read already.

My story to be published in the book is Siren, set in Honolulu, Oahu not long after the end of WWII. I was inspired to write this piece after my two trips to Honolulu and visiting the Army Museum and Pearl Harbor, learning about the effects of the war on the island. Though the protagonist is a native Hawaiian man, it also features my mermaid, Prudence, who is the protagonist in Bridging the Divide, which was published last month.

I’ve also had the pleasure to read Jeremiah Murphy’s story which will be published in the book. That story is about a detective with an unusual client who is being hired to find a dead man. I don’t want to say much about it in case I give away too much, but it is certainly an intriguing read.

I’ve not read the other stories to be published in the book, however, I am familiar with the fiction of Jax Goss, Sally Bell, Daniel Heichel, and J.M. Templet. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they wrote as I’ve enjoyed all of their work that I’ve read in the past.

Presently the campaign allows you to pre-order the book as a PDF ($10), paperback ($25, posted anywhere in the world), or paperback signed by all the authors around the world ($100 – because it will be expensive to send it to all of us; as far as I know, us writers are spread across New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Qatar and the US).

As the campaign goes on there will likely be more perks added. I’ve personally suggested some things I can offer as perks but they need to be discussed further with Jax first.

The campaign is seeking $1,500 to reach its goal, in order to pay all of the writers for their submissions, and also cover the cost of printing the books. It hasn’t even been up a day yet, and is already close to a third of the way there! We’re really excited about this one, so I hope you’ll head on over to Indiegogo and check it out, and tell your friends!

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Dominica has a strong interest in exploring diversity in media, seeing people subverting corporate control of creativity through crowdfunding and indie publishing, and spending as much time as she can travelling the world and discovering culture. This is what she most regularly blogs about. In her spare time, Dominica is primarily focused on long-form improv theatre, and writing and publishing speculative fiction. You can find links to some of her free and published stories and screenplays on her writing page, or check out her pirate time-travel novel Adrift. Though born and raised in Australia to American parents, Dominica lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between 2008-2014, until she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. She also has a background in web programming, filmmaking, and stand-up comedy. For more information, check out her about page, or any of the specific pages about her various creative pursuits in the links at the top of the page.

3 Responses to Crowdfunding Fantasy Noir!

  1. Gryphonboy

    My submission didn’t make it, but I can’t wait to read the finished book.

  2. Aileen Nichols

    If you email me a short write-up about the book and its connection to “Bridging the Divide,” I’ll post it on the Plunge Magazine tumblr and in the next infrequent newsletter. I want to make sure that everyone who enjoyed your story knows where to get more.

    • Dom

      Oh great, thanks! I don’t know how I missed this message before but I’ll do that soon.

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