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128 Graphic Novels/Comic Strip Books in 2016

At the beginning of 2016, I never set out to read a lot of graphic novels. My only reading goal was a measly 8 books (which I managed, even without including the graphic novels). But then came May, when I wandered into my local library, after borrowing a bunch of DVDs from them, including all … Continue reading »

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Coming Out with Marked by Scorn: An Anthology Featuring Non-Traditional Relationships

My latest book, Marked by Scorn: An Anthology Featuring Non-Traditional Relationships is officially released this Sunday on July 31st. The ebook is available for pre-order from Amazon. I had a conversation with my husband last month about how people are probably assuming that as the editor of a collection like this, I must be polyamorous1. … Continue reading »

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Why label LGBT/queer fiction?

As I’ve been getting closer to finishing Adrift and releasing it, I’ve been thinking more about how to summarise it for the blurb on the back of the book. I had a summary that I had written before I even finished the novel, but then as I was working on the book cover, I realised … Continue reading »

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Crowdfunding Campaigns Backed December 2012

This post was created on December 10th because I wanted to promote some projects I’ve been backing and pass on the information before their deadlines, in case anyone else might be interested in backing them too. These are ordered according to earliest deadlines. Updated: December 13th. The View from Here is a feature film from … Continue reading »

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How Does One Flirt With Women?

When I came out as bisexual a couple of weeks ago, it was in part because I wanted to be able to more publicly write about the issues I face and the way it directly affects my life. Now, more often than not, I don’t really consider my sexuality anyway – it just happens to … Continue reading »

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