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RTW 2007

RTW 2007 installment #19 (Dec 18-Dec 24)

Tuesday 18th December/Wednesday 19th December I’m writing these two days together because we lost a day with the flight from Vancouver to Tokyo. So we headed out after our forth day in a row of McDonald’s breakfast and caught a taxi to the airport. We were there pretty early, and our flight left more than … Continue reading »

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RTW 2007 installment #18 (Dec 15-17)

Saturday 15th December Doyle must still be on Denver time, because he got us up at 5:45am this morning, after crawling out of his tent in the middle of the night and ending up in our bed. We left our room around 7:30am and picked up our McDonald’s breakfast vouchers. After all these years of … Continue reading »

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RTW 2007 installment #17 (Dec 12-Dec 14)

Wednesday 12th December Today was mostly uneventful due to a large amount of driving. The breakfast was pretty average compared to the other motels we’ve stayed at. We didn’t check out until around 10:30am or so, then drove through the Colorado National Monument, which is an absolutely stunning canyon area. The snowy parts of the … Continue reading »

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RTW 2007 installment #16 (Dec 8-Dec 11)

Saturday 8th December The breakfast at Comfort Inn was really, really good. They had waffles, “biscuits” and gravy, bagels, cereal, hot chocolate, boiled eggs, danishes and muffins. Jeremy had some work he had to do and needed the free wifi for, so we didn’t leave Evanston until about 10:30am. We weren’t sure how the roads … Continue reading »

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RTW 2007 installment #15 (Dec 5-Dec 7)

Wednesday 5th December Doyle slept so much better last night, in that he didn’t at all end up in our bed. That was a good thing. I suspect it might’ve had something to do with us not turning the heat on, though I’m not entirely sure why. Our free “continental” breakfast was really good – … Continue reading »

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