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Boys and Dolls

Who says toys are made specifically for boys or girls? Can they not be played with by anyone? When I was growing up, I played with Barbies and Cabbage Patch Dolls, which I still own. I also played Lego, and got sets that were both typically “boy” and “girl” – these have also stayed with … Continue reading »

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Thoughts on Motherhood

I’m in the midst of the most tumultuous time of year for me. March 4th (my mum’s birthday) to May 3rd (the anniversary of her death) sees me reacting to things with a lot more sensitivity than the rest of the year. I mention this because it’s going to affect what I have to say. … Continue reading »

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Introducing Solids

I ended up introducing Doyle to solids at around five and a half months, since he seemed very interested in food, and very hungry. He started off on Farex rice cereal in the morning, but soon moved on to trying different vegetables, then some fruits for breakfast, and continuing the rice cereal for dinner to … Continue reading »

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And the judge decides: You will not sleep

I’ve heard that when a baby starts teething, it interrupts their sleep pattern. So do many other life changes – like new milestones reached. Now I can’t tell if Doyle has started teething yet (I can’t see or feel teeth in his mouth), but he certainly loves his dummy a lot more now, and he’s … Continue reading »

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Four and a half months on

If you have a baby when you have rarely been around infants, if ever, everything your baby does can seem so clever. Whenever you see your baby do something new, he’s ‘advanced’ – especially when you don’t know when all of the developmental stages are supposed to happen, or the books tell you ‘averages’ that … Continue reading »

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