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Jaclyn Rousseau visits TGI Friday’s

For those of you not familiar with Malaysia, here in Kuala Lumpur at least, we have a number of outlets of the US restaurant chain, TGI Friday’s. It just so happens to be one of the places I’m inclined to eat, so I like when they have special promotions on. For Mother’s Day earlier this … Continue reading »

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Diversity in Storytelling: We’re Getting There

Whilst I’m not as big of a consumer of various media these days as I have been in the past, I have noticed there being a trend in the sorts of stories I enjoy. I’m not sure exactly when it started or why, but diversity is a part of the equation. Is it because when … Continue reading »

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Langkawi, Nov 1-7, 2011

Monday October 31st, 2011 Our flight to Langkawi, an island in the north of Malaysia, close to Thailand, was due to depart in the evening. It lasted all of an hour. What interested me most about the process was the fact that our ID was never checked. I supposed that it was because it was … Continue reading »

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English-language stand up comedy in Malaysia

If you don’t know me well, or you haven’t known me long, you would probably be unfamiliar with the fact I used to perform a bit of stand up comedy. I got into writing comedy at 15, when I was year 11 in high school, and started performing when I turned 16. My first public … Continue reading »

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Venturing into Negeri Sembilan for Hari Raya

This past weekend saw the end of Ramadan on the Islamic calendar, and thus Monday and Tuesday were public holidays here in Malaysia. This gave Jeremy a couple days off from work, so we decided to venture into a neighbouring state, Negeri Sembilan. We didn’t have a specific plan or destination, though we knew there … Continue reading »

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