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Interview with Gary Dreslinski, creator of LJ Idol

As I’ve mentioned previously, my novel, Adrift, started as a couple of screenplays in LJ Idol. That was back in season 7, in 2011. The biggest thing I got from it was positive feedback about the idea I had, so I knew I had something I might be able to market. I’d not really had … Continue reading »

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Oil in the Alley and releasing the Music Video

As I wrote about in my last entry, part of my trip to Hawaii was spent filming a music video with improv rock duo Oil in the Alley. I’m not sure how many Mega Fans can say they’ve had such an opportunity to work with people they admire so much like I did. I lived … Continue reading »

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Technological World of Friends

I’ve previously alluded to but not gone into great detail the fact that I have friends on the Internet. Whilst staying with my first cousin once removed Judy, she mentioned reading an article about how the US is “behind the times” in terms of percentages of friends being on the Internet with whom they’ve never … Continue reading »

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Facebook vs. MySpace: my views on Social Networking sites

Like my husband, I’m a bit sick of having to constantly join different social networking sites, continually repeating myself when creating the ever-new and ever-the-same profile. We met on OkCupid, which is a rather small “social networking” type web site compared to the likes of MySpace, Facebook and even Orkut (which is Google’s contribution to … Continue reading »

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Understanding and text-based communication (like the Internet)

As I’ve had access to the Internet from home since 1999, I’m no stranger to text-based communication such as online fora, e-mail, mailing lists and blog sites. And being as shy as I am, I have generally preferred it, as it can sometimes be the only way I am able to speak up and express … Continue reading »

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