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Diversity and Emotional Connection with the Musical If/Then

This post is part review, part personal commentary. I turned 32 yesterday, and my gift from my husband’s parents was a ticket to see If/Then at SHN Orpheum in San Francisco. I really enjoyed it, and it brought up a lot of reflection and thoughts for me, so I wanted to share some of them … Continue reading »

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Words of Wisdom from Old Scottish Men

Last week, my friend Able Christian and I recorded a bunch of webcam webisodes of the two old Scottish men characters we’ve been messing around with for months. The basis for these characters started when we were at a birthday party for Leela’s Artistic Director Jill Eickmann. It was a fun night of dancing and … Continue reading »

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Things to Consider When Meeting Expatriates, Immigrants, or International Students in Your Country

Today marks the 5th anniversary of my move to Malaysia. On November 8th, 2008, I left my home and some family in Australia, and with my son I followed my husband to Kuala Lumpur, who had arrived a couple of weeks earlier. 5 years in the country, and now that my best friend here is … Continue reading »

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Highlighting Jax Goss

Meet Jax Goss: South African born, New Zealand based writer. She’s the instigator behind Solarwyrm Press, which recently released its first book, Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology. Prior to starting up Solarwyrm, Jax won a highly commended award for her short story “Icarus” from Commonwealth Writers, and published a collection of shorts in The … Continue reading »

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Tired of Hiding

This is probably going to be the hardest public blog post I’ll ever write in my life. When fear consumes you and prevents you from being true to yourself – from telling the people who matter the most to you who you really are, because you’re afraid of how they’ll react – then you’re no … Continue reading »

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