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Hello from Adelaide!

Hello from Adelaide! A few weeks ago, I sort of ‘spur of the moment’ decided that I needed something to change up my life a bit, and that I would do so by completing my ultimate Australian Outback adventure goal – to drive across the Nullarbor. Not only would I do that, but I’d drive … Continue reading »

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RTW 2007 installment #16 (Dec 8-Dec 11)

Saturday 8th December The breakfast at Comfort Inn was really, really good. They had waffles, “biscuits” and gravy, bagels, cereal, hot chocolate, boiled eggs, danishes and muffins. Jeremy had some work he had to do and needed the free wifi for, so we didn’t leave Evanston until about 10:30am. We weren’t sure how the roads … Continue reading »

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RTW 2007 installment #14 (Dec 3-Dec 4)

Monday 3rd December Doyle fared better still in bed last night. I managed to get him to sleep in his cot until 5:30am, with only one feed at 3am. In our room this morning, I got Doyle to copy me saying ‘Mama” a couple times. Jeremy’s jealous because he hasn’t learnt any d sounds yet … Continue reading »

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RTW 2007 installment #13 (Nov 30-Dec 2)

Friday 30th November I got up at 6am in order to pack all our things so we could get to the airport in time, But Jeremy decided on sleeping in instead, so after I packed a couple things, I wrote and updated my blog until Jeremy got up at around 6:45am. We’d finished packing everything … Continue reading »

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Nine Months Strong

We’re just a few days short of Doyle’s nine-month mark and he’s currently going through some rapid development. I’m very impressed with how capable he’s becoming at standing. Over the past couple of weeks, Doyle has been learning to lift himself up from a sitting position to a standing one while holding onto my fingers. … Continue reading »

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