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Technological World of Friends

I’ve previously alluded to but not gone into great detail the fact that I have friends on the Internet. Whilst staying with my first cousin once removed Judy, she mentioned reading an article about how the US is “behind the times” in terms of percentages of friends being on the Internet with whom they’ve never … Continue reading »

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The best mobile phone deal for me!

I first got a mobile phone in 2000 – wow, about seven and a half years ago now. I have been on the same plan that whole time, until tomorrow. Back in those days, they offered much better plans. I was on a “B Together plan” with my Mum, which gave us her phone, with … Continue reading »

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Understanding and text-based communication (like the Internet)

As I’ve had access to the Internet from home since 1999, I’m no stranger to text-based communication such as online fora, e-mail, mailing lists and blog sites. And being as shy as I am, I have generally preferred it, as it can sometimes be the only way I am able to speak up and express … Continue reading »

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