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Soon-to-be a fully licenced driver

I’ve been slowly biding time, waiting for the 1st of August so we can finally remove the P plates from our car. Yesterday I received my licence renewal form and I finally have that 5-year option. It’s exciting that I’m not going to have to renew my licence again for another 5 years. Mind you, … Continue reading »

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And the judge decides: You will not sleep

I’ve heard that when a baby starts teething, it interrupts their sleep pattern. So do many other life changes – like new milestones reached. Now I can’t tell if Doyle has started teething yet (I can’t see or feel teeth in his mouth), but he certainly loves his dummy a lot more now, and he’s … Continue reading »

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Growing Up

Doyle will be 6 months already in just over two weeks. It’s absolutely amazing how time flies now, and to see how Doyle is developing so quickly. Last night I watched Doyle roll from his back to his front – a harder task than front to back – and it was the first time I’d … Continue reading »

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What a family holiday can cost/Flight itinerary

When I was a kid, my mum used to fly my siblings and I to the US quite regularly (as in every 3-4 years), to visit family. Now I’m following her tradition by taking Doyle and Jeremy overseas, not just to the States but to other parts of the world. By which I mean most … Continue reading »

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Becoming a new mum while trying to maintain traditional values

I have now been a mum for 10 days. After a conversation I had with my dad yesterday, I have felt inspired to share my views on motherhood and womanhood in today’s society. I was born into Generation Y. Generation Y is still very young, considering I’m one of the older kids in the generation, … Continue reading »

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