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Doyle Progress Update for the Grandparents (and other interested family members and friends)

As we’re heading in to Christmas, and then around the corner is Doyle’s second birthday, and we’ve been in Malaysia a little over a month now, I thought it would be worth talking about Doyle’s progress for those interested. So, other than what I mentioned about Doyle acting out my stress, moving into a big … Continue reading »

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Nine Months Strong

We’re just a few days short of Doyle’s nine-month mark and he’s currently going through some rapid development. I’m very impressed with how capable he’s becoming at standing. Over the past couple of weeks, Doyle has been learning to lift himself up from a sitting position to a standing one while holding onto my fingers. … Continue reading »

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Introducing Solids

I ended up introducing Doyle to solids at around five and a half months, since he seemed very interested in food, and very hungry. He started off on Farex rice cereal in the morning, but soon moved on to trying different vegetables, then some fruits for breakfast, and continuing the rice cereal for dinner to … Continue reading »

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Babes in Arms Film Screenings

Now that I have taken Doyle to two Babes in Arms film screenings (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer today and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End in May), I think I can safely say that I adore these screenings. Although I may have to wait longer than I’d like to see some … Continue reading »

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The magical six months

Doyle is still six days off being a whole six months old, but he has officially reached his sitting stage. He much prefers it from laying, and can sit for quite extended periods of time on his own now. At least a couple minutes! He can hold himself up, reach out for toys, pick them … Continue reading »

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