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Life Assessment

I started this list when I was 23, realising it probably isn’t normal to feel the need to assess your life until you’re at least a little older than that, but I felt like writing down a list of my current life accomplishments and what I have left to add as a notch on the belt of life experiences. Note that this is entirely personal, and not a list of things I think everyone should want to do in their life.

I know I have achieved a hell of a lot in my so-far short life. Sometimes I just forget how much, so it’s nice to have a list.

This list will be categorised in a few different groups, some of which will be more important than others. The list will be updated whenever I think of something to add to what I want to achieve, or whenever I have accomplished something note-worthy.

Updated April 6th, 2016 (age 32)

Have Done

Completed 7 years of primary school
Completed 5 years of high school, including 2 years TEE
Completed 3 year Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Internet Computing and minoring in Media Studies and Multimedia Information Systems @ Murdoch University
Completed 1 year Graduate Diploma in Media Production @ Murdoch University
PAC SWS 1 (director, actor)
PAC SWS 2 – Romance & Seduction (director)
PAC SWS 2 – Comedy (director)
PAC SWS 2 – Improvisation (director)
PAC SWS 2 – Emotion Recall (director)
Spanish – beginner course
Spanish – intermediate course
Improv I – Let’s Play @ Leela, San Francisco
Improv II – Authentic Relationships @ Leela, San Francisco
Improv III – Commitment to Craft @ Leela, San Francisco
Two Play Improv with Marcus Sams
Film Acting with Michael Navarra @ SF Acting Academy
Advanced Film Acting with Jeffrey Weissman
Intro to Voice Over @ SF Acting Academy
Various improv workshops

Places to See
Australia – Melbourne
Australia – Sydney
Australia – Gold Coast
Australia – Tasmania
Australia – road trip around country as an adult
New Zealand – north island
New Zealand – south island
Africa – South Africa
Europe – Austria – Innsbruck
Europe – Belgium – Brussels
Europe – Denmark – Copenhagen
Europe – France – Paris
Europe – Germany – Ulm
Europe – Germany – Munich
Europe – Italy – Rome
Europe – Italy – Pisa
Europe – Italy – Florence
Europe – The Netherlands – Amsterdam
Europe – Portugal – Lisbon
Europe – Portugal – Sintra
Europe – Republic of Ireland tour
Europe – Spain – Madrid
Europe – Sweden – Malmo
Europe – Switzerland – Geneva
Europe – Switzerland – Lugano
Europe – Switzerland – Luzern
Europe – UK – Bath
Europe – UK – Belfast
Europe – UK – Birmingham
Europe – UK – Cambridge
Europe – UK – Cardiff
Europe – UK – Edinburgh
Europe – UK – London
Europe – UK – Manchester
Europe – UK – Nottingham
Europe – UK – Stratford-Upon-Avon
North America – Canada – British Columbia – Vancouver
North America – Canada – Ontario – Toronto
North America – Canada – Ontario – Niagra Falls
North America – Mexico – Cancun
Caribbean – Dominican Republic
Caribbean – Puerto Rico
Caribbean – Turks & Caicos
Caribbean – US Virgin Islands
South America – Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
Asia – Japan – Tokyo
Asia – Japan – Osaka
Asia – Japan – Kyoto
Asia – China – Hong Kong
Asia – China – Macau
Asia – Brunei
Asia – Singapore
Asia – Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
Asia – Malaysia – Johor Bahru
Asia – Malaysia – Penang
Asia – Malaysia – Melaka
Asia – Malaysia – Ipoh
Asia – Malaysia – Putrajaya
Asia – Malaysia – Kuching
Asia – Malaysia – Langkawi
Asia – Malaysia – Kuantan
Asia – South Korea – Seoul
Asia – Taiwan – Taipei
Asia – Thailand – Bangkok
Asia – Thailand – Phuket
Asia – Thailand – Pattaya
Asia – Thailand – Ayuttaya
Asia – Cambodia – Siem Reap
Asia – The Philippines – Manila
Asia – The Philippines – Bohol
Asia – The Philippines – Cebu
Asia – Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City
Asia – India – New Delhi
Asia – India – Kerala
Asia – India – Agra
Asia – India – Jaipur
Middle East – United Arab Emirates – Dubai
USA – Alabama
USA – Arizona
USA – Arkansas
USA – California
USA – Colorado
USA – Connecticut
USA – Delaware
USA – Florida
USA – Georgia
USA – Hawaii
USA – Idaho
USA – Illinois
USA – Indiana
USA – Maine
USA – Maryland
USA – Massachusetts
USA – Michigan
USA – Missouri
USA – Nebraska
USA – Nevada
USA – New Hampshire
USA – New Jersey
USA – New York
USA – North Carolina
USA – Oregon
USA – Pennsylvania
USA – Rhode Island
USA – South Carolina
USA – South Dakota
USA – Texas
USA – Utah
USA – Virginia
USA – Washington
USA – Wisconsin
USA – Wyoming

Written and directed several short films
Developed the largest online database/web site about comedy in Australia
Ranked #1 on Google for “Australian comedy” and “Australian comedians” for said site
Had a design feature in an English text book
Had my comedy site mentioned in a national magazine
Acted in a short film directed by someone other than myself
Performed stand-up in front of a paying audience in Australia and Malaysia
Performed improv in front of a live audience
Performed with improv troupe YUM ongoing for a year
Formed an LGBT improv troupe and performed with them
Been paid to perform stand-up comedy
Acted in a panto to a paying audience
Wrote and directed plays in primary school
Choreographed a dance in primary school
Won Script Frenzy 2007 (completed 1st draft of a feature film script)
Co-wrote a one act play with a friend
Filmed two music videos in Hawaii
Wandered around Washington, DC dressed like a pirate
Wrote and self-published a novel, Adrift
Edited and published Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction
Been paid for stories that were published by people who didn’t previously know me
Was an extra in a feature film

Finished Final Fantasy X
Finished Final Fantasy X-2
Finished Final Fantasy XII
Finished Final Fantasy XIII
Finished Final Fantasy XIII-2
Finished Mini Ninjas
Attended Melbourne Comedy Festival 2000-2002, 2009, 2010
Attended Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004
Attended Toronto Film Festival 2004
Attended Sundance Film Festival 2005
Attended Singapore Film Festival 2006
Attended Melbourne Writers Festival 2013
Attended SF Improv Festival 2014, 2015
Attended SF Sketchfest 2015
Read the entire Harry Potter series
Attended a live taping of Good News Week
Saw the Pet Shop Boys in concert
Saw They Might be Giants in concert
Saw Weird Al Yankovic in concert
Saw a Kevin Smith Q&A live
Saw a Darren Criss talk/music show live
Saw Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill live
Saw Wicked on the West End
Saw Spamalot on Broadway
Saw Avenue Q on Broadway
Saw Book of Mormon by SHN Broadway (San Francisco)
Saw Matilda by SHN (San Francisco)
Saw John Barrowman in a Peter Pan panto
Saw live stand-up from various TV & film personalities including: Robin Williams, Janeane Garofalo, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Tucker, John Leguizamo, Jennifer Coolidge, Wanda Sykes, David Spade, Ray Romano, Hal Sparks, Rob Schneider, Paul McDermott, and Wil Anderson

Worked in the USA
Worked at Alcoa
Worked in IT specialising in web development and databases
Been the most experienced/knowledgable person in my field/department at work
Worked as a museum tour guide

Looked after my mum when she was dying
Left home
Got married
Had two babies
Breastfed my children for more than a year each
Gave birth without drugs
Renovated an apartment
Renovated a house
Decorated my own home
Renovated a house
Lived in a foreign country (Malaysia) for over five years
Lived more than a year in the USA

Made money from a personal web site
Co-owned my own business
Co-owned four properties

Was on the council of owners for one of my properties

Left to Do

Complete a higher degree (Masters level and/or higher) in any field

Places to See
Africa – Egypt – Cairo
Africa – Tanzania
Africa – Kenya
Africa – Mozambique
Africa – Morocco – Casablanca
Asia – China – Beijing
Asia – China – Shanghai
Middle East – Jordan
North America – Canada – Quebec – Montreal
North America – Canada – Alberta – Calgary
North America – Canada – Alberta – Banff
Caribbean – Barbados
Caribbean – Dominica
Caribbean – Jamaica
Europe – Greece – Athens
USA – Alaska
USA – Iowa
USA – Kansas
USA – Kentucky
USA – Louisiana
USA – Minnesota
USA – Mississippi
USA – Montana
USA – New Mexico
USA – North Dakota
USA – Oklahoma
USA – Ohio
USA – Tennessee
USA – Vermont
USA – West Virginia

Direct a feature film
Compose some music
Learn the keyboard so I can play to ear like Jeremy
Perform as part of a comedy duo with my husband
Have a film accepted into a film festival or competition
Make a (short) animated film

Finish Kingdom Hearts
Finish Final Fantasy VIII
Finish X-Men Legends
Finish Buffy: Chaos Bleeds
Start and complete Kingdom Hearts 2
Start and complete Final Fantasy VII
Attend Montreal Just for Laughs

Get paid for acting

Raise a teenager
Become a grandparent
Remain married until death unless husband dies first

Develop an investment property portfolio